ARCHIVEG.COM is an extremely safe and secure place to store and save all your valuable files for free. The service is free because our revolutionary cutting edge compression algorithm completely eliminates the need for any type of physical storage device. It is an undisputable fact that all physical storage devices (such as: hard drives, flash drives, tape drives, cds, dvds, clouds, etc..) will someday malfunction and lose all their information. Storing your files using our intellectual design is the only way to never lose anything. Properly applied methods such as the Archiveg Algorithm will never crash or malfunction. All uploaded files are losslessly compressed using the brute force of a newly proven mathematical byte sequencing technique. By getting rid of all the storage hardware and only using logic to compress data, the yielded compression ratio becomes far superior than any other compression method available today. Please see our White Paper below. The only cost to us is the minimal amount of electricity it takes for our CPU to run the compression computations. We have no large network, staff, and overhead to maintain. You can save and store anything & everything, with a maximum limit of ONE GIGABYTE per file and get back complete access to your original data anytime. While it is very unlikely that viruses, malware, trojans, or spyware can negatively affect our servers, you should always check the cleanliness and integrity of your data before uploading it to be compressed. If you upload an infected file to our server to be compressed, you will get back the same infected file after the decompression process. You will alway get back exactly the same file that you uploaded to be compressed. Only your registration, validation, and site usage information will be saved in our secure database and network which consist of two servers, one main, one redundant. All your compression codes will be sent to you via email for your safe keeping. Do not edit, modify, or lose the compression codes since these codes represent the KEY or DNA for the decompression and rebuilding of your original file.